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Famous Landmarks Quiz

From coast to coast, United States is filled with famous landmarks and must-see destinations. It once been said that United States has something for every visitor, and it is certainly true. The country has a great diversity, and amazing and beautiful places. Both natural and man-made. Even if the country’s history is relatively short, many of the landmarks have made everlasting footprints in history as well.

Where Can You Find Them?

If your friends still believe in old-fashioned mail and send you postcards that clutter your fridge, this is the quiz for you. You will probably recognize both photos and descriptions from postcards and magazines. But do you know where to find these iconic landmarks? It helps if you know your way around the states and have some knowledge about some of the larger cities. Perhaps you have even visited some of these well-known places or have them on your bucket list. Most them are places every American should visit at least once in their life-time. It is also a perfect quiz, if you feel like challenging friends and family. Who can reach the perfect score? Can you? Take the quiz here: Famous Landmarks – United States


This quiz was originally published on photonorthamerica.com, a website owned by Xzelenz Media. The website is now discontinued.