DMV Written Test – How to Pass Your Permit Test 2017

Licenseroute - How to Pass YouR Permit Test

DMV Written Test Updates

Passing your state’s DMV written test to get a learner’s permit or unrestricted driver license has never been easier. provides you with both the questions and the answers. They are based on the latest version of the state driver handbook or driver’s manual and on real DMV exam questions. With reason updates to design and several state tests, like the ones for Kansas and Texas, the DMV practice tests at are prepared for the 2017 examinations in all states.

How to Pass Your Permit Test 2017

Making sure you will pass your DMV written test the first time, includes the following preparations:
  • Get a copy of your state’s driver handbook.
  • Read it and get a good understanding of what is required for the examination.
  • Take few practice tests to check your progress.
  • Discuss difficult questions with friends, family, teachers, or driver instructors. True understanding is your key to success.
  • Make one more check of facts in the driver handbook. Pay special attention to specific state laws.
  • Practice with the online tests until you reach a score well above the passing score in your state.
  • The best way to learn is to alternate checking the handbook and practice with a DMV written test.

What Users of Says

Surveys show that the more you prepare by taking online practice tests, the more likely you are to pass the driver examination the first time. In fact, users of the free DMV tests have an average pass rate of more than 90%. Surveys also show that users of the free DMV tests are more confident about their knowledge and finish their examination faster. Many are relieved after taking the exam and report that they found the test easy and that they recognized many of the questions. 8 out of 10 also recommended to their friends and peers. Want to know more and get your free DMV written test? Visit the website and learn how to pass your permit test. Good luck!