The Most Complete U.S. Road Sign Test

Road Sign Test with 100s of Signs

In 2013, Quiz-A-Go-Go launched the most complete DMV test with U.S. road signs. It features all road signs you are expected to know when you apply for a learner’s permit or driver’s license in any state in United States. The number of road sign questions on the real DMV test differ between states. Some computerized DMV exams have only a few road sign questions. Others have up to 20 questions on a separate road sign test, including questions about road signs, traffic signal lights, and pavement markings. Even if the official driver license exam in your state has less focus on road signs, all drivers are expected to understand and act correctly when they see a traffic control sign.

Why Shapes and Colors are Important

You should know the shapes and colors of road signs. They may help you recognize some signs from a distance and be prepared to act. If you see an eight-sided road sign, you know you must come to full stop, even if you cannot read the word stop. If you approach an upside down triangle covered with snow, you know it is a yield sign, even if the word “yield” isn’t visible. Study this part in the state manual. One or two questions about shapes and colors show up on many written examinations.

The Sample Tests at QuizAGoGo

The sample tests at include a random road sign test that you may take as often as you like. New questions pop up each time you take the test. You can also find special sample tests that focus on the most difficult road signs or common warning signs that warn you about possible hazards on the road. It is a good idea to practice for your permit by taking all tests. It is the ultimate learning tool for anyone who wants to pass their driver’s license or permit test.