Licenseroute – Re-designed Home & DMV Test Pages

Re-designed Home & DMV Test Pages has been updated with a re-designed homepage, navigation and DMV test pages for better overall experience. It also features performance and stability improvements.

Like before, the Licenseroute team works close together with the team from to bring users the latest in permit test practice and DMV driver licensing.

There is an overall trend in USA to update the DMV knowledge examinations. In most states, the DMV examinations have remained the same for many years, even decades. As a result, examinations have been criticized for failing to predict driver safety and verify driver knowledge. Criticism also targets the type of questions that is sometimes asked on the written test.

New Test Questions and Updated Tests

In an ongoing project, re-designed test questions are being evaluated to improve the accuracy of the written test in detecting a driver’s preparedness and attitudes in traffic. Users of the free practice tests are likely to see several updates to tests and tests questions in 2017. They will also be asked to participate in several surveys regarding their attitudes toward cell phone usage, distracted driving, alcohol, and drugs.

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