Resources for the Permit Test

4 Online Resources for Your New York Permit Practice

Study for your New York Learner's Permit or Driver's License with online DMV questions you can trust. This article lists 4 great resources that are 100% free.


Arkansas Permit Test 4

Arkansas Learner’s Permit Practice Test No. 4

This is the 4th permit practice test to help you qualify for Arkansas Learner’s Permit (also known as an Instruction Permit). It has 25 questions and you should aim for a full score (even if 20 correct answers are enough to pass the exam).


New York Permit Study Help

New York Permit Practice Study Help

Permit practice test for the State of New York with 16 questions about laws, driving rules, and safe techniques. It is designed to help you study for your New York learner’s permit or full driver license.

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Arkansas Driver's Tests

Arkansas Driver's Practice Test at Free DMV Test

With these FREE AR knowledge exam sample questions, it is easy to practice for the permit test online and pass the first time. The 25 questions cover different areas in the Arkansas driver license study guide.


Missouri Written Tests

Missouri Written Tests

The practice tests at are designed to help you study and prepare for the Missouri written knowledge test. Test questions span from signs, signals, and common traffics laws to safe driving techniques and what to do in case of an accident.


North Carolina Sample Test

North Carolina Sample Test No. 1

This is the first in a series of North Carolina sample tests for a N.C. permit or driver license. It has 25 questions with focus on North Carolina vehicle laws and safe driving rules.

CA DMV Practice Tests

California Permit & License Test 7

Xzelenz Media launched California DMV Practice Test on December 1, 2016. The new website focus on the DMV driver examination test in California. Based on resources provided by, it has several sample and practice tests to help applicants study for the instruction permit or full class C driver license.


U.S. Road Signs - Quizagogo

10 random U.S. road sign questions

Get 10 random questions from a larger pool of U.S. road sign questions. You can take thisquiz several times to test your road sign knowledge.

Quizagogo has the most comprehensive online quizzes for U.S. road signs. Exactly what you need to pass your official written DMV test!


Tougher Permit Tests

Will tougher DMV tests result in better drivers?

All over the country, state Departments, usually known as DMV, are looking for new ways of testing. In many states, the driver license tests have remained the same for decades. This is about to change. Your driver's license test will be tougher in a near future.

Fun Quizzes @QuizAGoGo

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Random General Trivia

Image: Random trivia questions on all subjects

Learn something new. Take a quiz with 20 random questions from a larger pool of general trivia questions.

The set of trivia questions is slightly renewed every time you start over. A daily dose of trivia.


Oscars - Best Actor

Oscars - Best Actor

Perhaps you remember some of these great actors. All of them have been awarded an Oscar for a leading or supporting role in a memorable movie. Average score on this Best Actor Quiz is 7 correct answers. Can you do better?

1970s Music Quiz

1970s Music Quiz at Quizagogo - Remember these songs?

Do you recognize these 10 pop songs from the 1970s?

Listen to the song snippets and go back in time with some fun 1970s music trivia questions!


20th Century History

20th Century History

The span from 1900 to 1999 had important shifts in culture, technology, politics, and economics. Two world wars were fought and mankind took a giant step into space. How much of this century do you remember? Take this history quiz and find out!

English Football Quiz

English Football Quiz - 10 Questions

How much do you know about English football players or the English football grounds? This 10-question quiz will challenge your knowledge of English football.


Hits from the Sixties

Hits from the Sixties

How much do you rember about the 1960s? 10 quiz questions with classic hits from the 60s. Listen to the short clips and see if you can remember all of these sixties songs!

Ultimate 60s - Fun quizzes about the Sixties

1960s Movie Quiz

1960s Movie Quiz

The Sixties Movie Quiz at Ultimate 60s. Get random quiz questions about 1960s most memorable films, actresses, actors, directors, movie awards and more! Hundreds of 1960 trivia questions in the database!

The New Beatles Quiz

Image: Ultimate 60s Beatles Trivia Quiz

Can you answer these questions about the Beatles? Who was the inspiration for Dear Prudence? Which Beatles single failed to top the UK charts? Which was Beatles last public performance? Then, this is the quiz for you!


Recognize the Cover Art?

Recognize the Cover Art?

See these details from famous 1960s LP sleeve work at Ultimate 60s. If you are good at recognizing old LP albums this is a fun challenge!