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Since 2012, Quiz-A-Go-Go has offered fun trivia quizzes and educational tests online.

Some of the milestones in the history of Quiz-A-Go-Go include road sign tests for driver license applicants in United States and United Kingdom; introduced already in 2012.

Many believe that roads are the easy part of a license test, but results in United States suggests that almost half of tests takers who fail the test have several errors on the road sign part. Knowing just the name of a sign is usually not enough. You must also know how to act when you see a sign, like what you should do and what you must not do. Understanding the coding system with shapes and colors of road signs is also important in both U.S. and U.K.

Some of these road sign questions are also found in YouTube videos, like the Maryland videos and the North Carolina videos.

Maryland Road Sign Quiz

The trivia quizzes were also a success early on in the history of Quiz-A-Go-Go.

There are something here for every film buff or movie nerd. The Academy Award quizzes are updated on a regular basis to include questions about new winners of an Oscar. There are also general film quizzes to challenge your trivia knowledge.

Music Trivia Quizzes

Quiz-A-Go-Go also offers many music trivia quizzes, spanning from the 1960s with Beatles and Bob Dylan to modern music with Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Adele, and many other artists.

Try them and see how much you remember of past hits from 1960 up to now.

music quiz at

Other Fun Trivia Quizzes

At quizagogo, you can also find trivia quizzes with questions and answers about history, art, politics, sports, history, and much more.

We know that many creators of quiz night challenges or bar quizzes look for questions here to use in their own quizzes. So, if you are going to a quiz night event, you can always prepare yourself and get in the right mood by taking a few of our quizzes. Maybe it will pay off?

Tuesday Trivia Challenge Every Week

In October, 2019, Quiz-A-Go-Go launched the Tuesday Trivia Challenge – a new fun trivia quiz that will run every week for a few months this and next year. Great fun and pastime for anyone who love quizzes.

Some of these quizzes are also available on YouTube for viewing when you are on the go.

Video cover photo: by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

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