Cyberbullying is a Threat to Internet and Democracy


Staying Connected at All Costs

In a few years, everything has changed. Instead of interacting face to face with people, like we used to do, we seem to devote all our energy to stay connected in a never-ending flow of new apps. We care more about a like on Instagram, Facebook, twitter or elsewhere than what happens in the physical world around us.

Every morning, I see colleagues at their desks, spending an endless amount of time on social media. When the phone chimes, they jump and drop everything else to check an instant message. Some of them seem to have forgot that the company pays them for doing a job, not being active on social media.

The truth is that social media gobble a depressing amount of time. In addition, new sites and apps are popping up faster than you can say “what?”.

Why do we need more than one?

Should We Despair?

If you’re looking for reason to despair at the future of our civilization, all you need to do is hop into your car. More often than before you see drivers drifting between lanes, slowing down for no reason, or disobeying traffic signs. Not to mention turn signals – aren’t they standard equipment on cars nowadays?

Too many drivers are preoccupied with their cell phones; talking, texting, or simply looking at an update on their social media account. Just pull up at a red light and look around you.

Or get on the bus or train. Almost everyone is staring down at their cell phones or tablets and having earplugs in both ears. Shutting out everything but their virtual world of friends.

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Social media has become so important that it shapes many of us. To some, social networking is the main source of information, education, and news. It forms ideas, perception, and opinions. It even influences how we vote in political elections (remember?).

Social Media Gives Us More Nonsense Than Ever Before

We have more access to nonsense and ignorance than ever before. Too often, we get to see the outpourings people’s shallowness and stupidity. Quotes and photos that are supposed to make us smile or feel good. Or make us angry and upset. But rarely, to make us stop, think, and reflect.

A like is enough.

Isn’t it?

2 Comments on Cyberbullying is a Threat to Internet and Democracy

  1. You must never accept threats against your person. When you receive threats of physical harm or destruction of your property, you must take those threats seriously. While many of them aren’t serious at all, you just never know. Go to the police. If reported, police can usually find the person or persons behind these threats, even when they are made anonymously or behind fake identities. Save screenshots, all emails, and all text messages with any sort of threats.

  2. Children’s and teenager’s increasing vulnerability on social media is a result of the increasing availability of smart phones and tablets. The primary responsibility for this potential vulnerability on the web should lie with those who supply them with the equipment: parents.

    When a parent buy the phone to a young teenager, he or she must be clear about how it will be used, what apps are installed and how they work.Parents must learn to have a curious approach to social media and discuss how their teens are using them.

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