Social Media is Making Us Stupid

Social media has become so important that it shapes many of us. To some, it is the main source of information, education, and news. It forms ideas, perception, and opinions. Should we despair at our own future? [ Read More ]

Cyber-bullying Isn’t a Joke

In an everyday environment, most people would think twice before they made a mean comment. They would probably not even laugh at others in public. Because that is impolite and rude. But behind a screen and on social media it all becomes different. [ Read More ]

How to Become a Famous Blogger

The major key to your success online is to understand why some people become famous bloggers or writers and why some don't. While it takes persistence, dedication, and endurance to make it as a blogger, it also takes some good old fashioned know-how. Read this to learn the most important steps. [ Read More ]