How to Become a Famous Blogger

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How to Become Famous on the Internet

You want to write and you want to know how to become famous as a writer or blogger. First of all, understand that this takes persistence, dedication, and endurance. It doesn’t happen overnight. Ask yourself why some people make it, while others don’t. A few of the reasons are mentioned in this post.

Set Your Goal

Set your goal and target audience. Maybe you just want to share experiences with friends and family. Maybe you strive at getting thousands of readers every week. Perhaps you are just in it for the money and want to make a living from your writing. Whatever your goal is, make sure you set it and understand it. Then, dedicate yourself to it.

Set a Time Plan

Make up a realistic time plan based on your goal. Rome wasn’t built in one day, neither is a blog or website. A personal blog for friends and family does not need that much time. If you want to make a living from your blog or website – yes, you guessed it, much more time!

Most people give up to soon. If you want to make money, you must give it at least a couple of years. Yes, that is right! Constant writing and blogging for a couple of years. Still want to dedicate yourself to this?

Be a Blogger

Write Quality Content

Write content on a regular basis, no less than every 2-3 days. The content is the very foundation of your blog or website. If you stop writing for a couple of months, or even weeks, your followers will stop visiting and disappear in a black hole. You must, however, make sure that the content is important for your readers. Look at your goal and target audience again. Does your content match your audience? Is it good enough to attract readers?

Stay focused.


Networking is a necessity and a major key to your success. It is not only about link building tactics, but just as much about engaging in discussions and forums, contributing value. Learn to know other bloggers and let them get to know you. If possible, meet people in person. A popular Swedish blogger, travels on a weekly basis, meets people and holds lectures and seminars. In just a few years, he has built a very successful business.

After all, how to become famous is mostly about taking care of your brand – which is you as a person or your website. This is also an excellent way of learning the business.

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Use Social Media and Be a Guest Blogger

Be social. All the social media out there must be part of your network. Make personal contacts on social media. Respond to comments, tell them about your work. Be a guest blogger on reputable websites like this one. It will create quality backlinks, which are very important for your Google ranking.

Do NOT Give Up

Don’t give up. Go back to your goal and your time plan. Just because you don’t see a lot of traffic the first weeks, it surely will come – just as long as you are persistent. Stay away from the urge to change your website or write about something else.

Sure, listen to good advice from experts, just remember what you want to achieve here. Many famous writers had to work hard for many years before they even got something published. You, at least, can be visible to the public in just a few minutes.

So feel good about yourself.

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