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Instead of frantically piling all of your shopping into the bags after they’ve been scanned, a Woolworths employee took to TikTok to share how you can race through the checkouts

A supermarket employee has shared a simple hack that could speed up the checkout process.

Sharing the tip on the official Woolworths TikTok account, worker Liam Kirley explained how a simple change in where the bags are placed can change your entire shopping experience.

While most of us have our bags in hand or in the trolley ready to start packing once the items have been scanned, Liam said that the trick to saving time at the checkout is to put the bags on the conveyor belt.

In the video, which has since gone viral with more than half a million views, Liam suggests placing one bag on the belt, then putting the items you want to go in that bag behind it.

Then repeat the process.

“Check out faster with this hack,” he said.

“Put one re-usable bag down on the conveyor belt and then put all the items you want in that bag on the conveyor belt and repeat the process.”

Viewers were thrilled with the idea and praised him in the comments.

One person said: “All my shopping problems are solved.”

Another wrote: “I love the customers who do this with their bags I WISH EVERYONE DID THIS.”

A third commented: “Thanks man!”

“Wow love this! We still continue to help pack – but great hack when I’m shopping alone,” added someone else.

However, a few others argued that they’ve tried the hack before and it didn’t go to plan.

“Not every checkout person gets that. I went to Woolies once and did that and the person reached over and grabbed everything I didn’t want in the bag,” claimed one shopper.

“I separate my items into how I want them bagged and the checkout staff reach over and get stuff from the back every time,” another agreed.

But staff members are a big fan of the trick as it “makes my job easier” said one cashier.

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