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Nicki White was left fuming when she opened up her takeaway Sunday dinner from Toby Carvery in Ramsgate, Kent, describing it as a ‘dog’s dinner’

A disappointed diner has slammed a £17 takeaway Sunday dinner she received from Toby Carvery, which she claims arrived at her door looking like a ‘dog’s dinner’.

Nicki White had been feeling unwell when she decided to order the meal from the restaurant in Ramsgate, Kent, via the Just Eat app.

However, she was left feeling gutted when she opened the delivery, only to discover what she described as a few measly scraps – including undercooked vegetables and a few measly dried pieces of meat.

She has now complained to the store and said that despite Toby’s being one of her favourite trips, especially at Christmas, she will now never go there again.

“It was undercooked, the portion was small, it was just unsatisfactory. Putting it simply, it was the wort roast I have ever eaten,” the 26-year-old said.

“I would normally go to the restaurant, but because I wasn’t feeling well my daughter wanted a roast so I thought I would give it a go. Never again.”

Nicki, who paid £17 for one adult portion and one child’s portion on September 12, took to Facebook to warn others not to make the same mistake.

“If anyone’s thinking of getting a Toby Carvery delivered. Don’t do it! Absolute rip off! Under cooked veg, black cauliflower, hardly any meat, gravy was like water, stuffing was wet and mushy,” she wrote.

“I pre-ordered two hours before and was still late, a driver turned up to collect but wasn’t ready so he left and had to send another driver. Will never order a takeaway from them again.”

One local commented: “That’s why I don’t go there, let alone take away! The number of microwaves in that place is shocking!”

“I’ve had quite a poor take away too before – so I didn’t bother again,” another commented, while a third added: “Had the same problem. Make a formal complaint to them.”

One Facebook user joked: “Good grief that looks ghastly,” to which Nicki replied: “I honestly think my dog could have cooked better.”

However, others said they couldn’t believe the poor quality as they had always had brilliant meals there.

Nicki has complained and the chain – owned by Mitchells & Butlers – is investigating.